Retrieve Images

  • Instantly scans the entire storage drive and retrieve images with the help of unique file signatures
  • Well-known photo rescue tool to retrieve images of all formats of photo files including JPEG, JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • Retrieve Images allows users to find images on Mac and Windows computers
  • Retrieve Images provides file preview option to help user to view the images before rescuing them

What if your precious photos gets lost or deleted?

Most of the people prefer to capture pictures when it comes to witness their memorable moments. And those captured images act as a key element while recalling the preferred moments. Let’s suppose a possibility. You stored all valued pictures on computer hard drive. However, one day while showing those digital images to your friends or someone suddenly you realize that some precious images are missing from hard drive. In such crucial situations, most of the users think how come this happens only with me? However, you are not the only one, as it happens with all of us. Moreover, you searched a lot of option to get back those pictures but you couldn’t able to get them. Have you ever come across this kind of drastic situation? Will you able to witness those memorable moments? The answer could be yes if you have good image rescue software you can get back missing pictures easily. Retrieve Images is one such strong and trustworthy utility which rescues all types of lost or deleted images.

Some of the situations where you may use Retrieve Images are as follows:

  • Sometimes while transferring digital images from computer and other storage drives, if your PC shuts down or restarts due to power outage. Then it will interrupt the file transfer process instantly and results in loss of valuable photos. The only possible way to revert such a problem is by usage of Retrieve Images application. As Retrieve Images software is applied the lost files are rescued in the exact same format as before.
  • Deleting unneeded images from hard drives quite common practice which most of the people perform to re-use storage space. However, while removing unessential images, you might inadvertently delete some vital photos by using "Shift + Delete" keys which leads to loss of images. All of such kind of deleted files can be easily rescued by use of Retrieve Images software.
  • Sometimes most of us format hard disk by keeping in mind that there is a proper backup of all valuable photos. If you forget to take the backup of data, then you will have to lose all pictures stored on computer hard drive.
  • File system corruption is another main factor for losing pictures. Most of the time the file system gets corrupted due to virus infection or bad sectors on drive. If the file system gets corrupt, the drive becomes inaccessible and results in loss of complete data from that drive.

To evade loss of valuable photos in future, it is strongly recommended to take some protective actions like taking an appropriate backup of digital photos stored on your computer hard drive. And it’s always sensible to store your precious photos on external storage drives like CD, DVD etc. But, at times such measures proves to be worthless, in such situation you need to make use of Retrieve Images utility as early as possible.

Salient Features of Retrieve Images App

  • Retrieve Images effectively rescue deleted photos from hard drive, flash drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, external hard disk, USB drive etc.
  • In order to save your valuable time, Retrieve Images provides an impressive option to save recovery session and then you can use it at anytime.
  • Retrieve Images has an inbuilt find option which helps you to search any photo from the list of rescue pictures with the help of various file attributes.
  • Besides photos, Retrieve Images also rescues various types of files like videos, music files, spreadsheets, text documents, ZIP archives etc.
  • Retrieve Images also supports recovery of digital RAW photo formats like RAW, NEF, CR2 etc.
  • In case if you would like to know how to rescue deleted pictures, visit here

Supported Image File Formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, TIF, GIF, PSD, CRW, NEF, CR2, ARW, SR2, ORF, X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF, MRW, 3FR, RAW, KDC, K25, DCR

Supported Camera Brands: Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, Minolta, Hassleblad, Sanyo, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Leica, Casio

Supported Card Brands: ADATA (Turbo), Canon, Dane-Elec, Duracell, Kingston (Ultimate, Standard, Elite Pro), Fujifilm, Garmin, HP, Lexar (Professional, Platinum, Echo), Olympus, Patriot (LX Series, Signature), SanDisk (Extreme, Ultra, Extreme Pro), PNY (Pro-Elite, Optima), Samsung, Sony (Memory Stick), Transcend

Recent Updates:

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Steps to retrieve images

Step 1: You need to download and install Retrieve Images software on your computer then run this utility to open its home screen as shown in figure A.

Retrieve Images - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: You need to select the storage drive from where you want to rescue pictures from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Restore Pictures - Select Storage Drive

Figure B: Select Storage Drive

Step 3: You can preview any rescued picture as shown in figure C.

Photo Recovery Tool - Preview Picture

Figure C: Preview Picture

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